Who We Serve

Education / Special Education Mental Health Therapists / Psychologists Autism Providers Transitional / Vocational Programs Hospitals Museums

Learn more below about how we can partner with your specific field:

Autism Providers

Enhanced Engagement and Participation: CatapalloVR's software creates immersive and interactive virtual environments that captivate users, encouraging higher levels of engagement and participation. For autism providers, this means clients are more likely to actively participate in therapy sessions, leading to more effective skill-building and learning outcomes.

Safe and Controlled Learning Environment: The platform offers a safe space where individuals with autism can practice social and behavioral skills without the pressure and unpredictability of real-world situations. Providers can customize modules to fit the unique needs of each client, allowing for personalized and incremental learning that builds confidence and competence in a controlled setting.

Mental Health Therapists / Psychologists

Safe Exposure to Triggers: CatapalloVR's software includes specialized exposure modules that allow mental health therapists and psychologists to safely introduce clients to triggers in a controlled and supportive virtual environment. This enables clients to confront and manage their triggers without the immediate stress and consequences of real-world exposure, facilitating gradual desensitization and better coping strategies.

Emotion Regulation Training: The platform offers targeted modules for emotion regulation, helping clients learn and practice techniques to manage their emotional responses effectively. Mental health professionals can use these modules to guide clients through exercises that build resilience and emotional intelligence, ultimately improving their ability to regulate emotions in real-life situations.

Education / Special Education

Interactive Learning Environments: CatapalloVR provides educators and special educators with immersive, interactive learning modules that engage students in a dynamic and captivating way. These environments help bridge theoretical knowledge with practical application, enabling students to practice skills, build muscle memory, and retain information more effectively.

Customized Instruction for Diverse Needs: The platform offers tailored modules designed to meet the unique needs of diverse learners, including those with learning disabilities and special needs. Educators can leverage these modules to provide personalized instruction, ensuring that each student receives the support and practice they need to succeed in a safe and controlled virtual setting.

Transitional / Vocational Programs

Skill Building for Workforce Readiness: CatapalloVR equips transitional and vocational programs with modules that focus on developing essential job skills. These modules offer hands-on experiences in a virtual setting, allowing individuals with IDD and autism to practice tasks and build confidence in their abilities, ultimately reducing the need for intensive support services.

Safe and Controlled Training Environments: The platform provides a safe space for learners to engage in realistic, job-related scenarios without the risk of real-world consequences. This enables individuals to experiment, learn from mistakes, and refine their skills, preparing them for successful integration into the workforce and enhancing their overall independence.

Enhancing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): CatapalloVR includes modules designed to teach and reinforce ADLs, such as personal hygiene, cooking, and managing finances. These immersive experiences help individuals develop critical life skills in a supportive environment, further promoting independence and reducing reliance on external services.


Patient Care for Painful Procedures: CatapalloVR provides hospitals with modules designed to help patients manage pain and anxiety during procedures like blood draws and immunizations. These immersive experiences offer distraction techniques and coping strategies, significantly reducing patient discomfort and improving the overall healthcare experience.

Staff Burnout Prevention: The platform includes modules aimed at supporting hospital staff by offering relaxation and mindfulness exercises. These sessions help reduce stress and prevent burnout, promoting a healthier work environment and improving staff well-being, which in turn enhances patient care.


Safe Sensory Regulation Space: CatapalloVR provides museums with a designated virtual reality space where neurodiverse visitors can engage in sensory regulation. This safe and controlled environment helps reduce overstimulation, allowing all visitors to enjoy the museum experience comfortably.

Custom Virtual Museum Tours: Museums can utilize CatapalloVR to offer custom virtual tours of their exhibits. This allows neurodiverse individuals to explore the museum and its collections in a low-stimuli setting, making the museum more accessible and inclusive for all visitors.

Key Features

  • Web-based: accessible on any device - no downloading necessary!
  • Ability to use in group settings for participants with various skill levels.
  • Safe learning environment for both the client and the provider to learn real skills without the real-world consequences.
  • Accessibility to all types of environments.
  • Participants stay fully-focused on the task at hand.
  • Engaging and fun - With CatapalloVR, your participants will be begging to come to see you!
  • Scored results at the end of each module to help you track progress over time.

Resources for You, From Us to You

Two supplemental materials we provide you are an Implementation Guide and a Module Companion. With both of these documents, you’ll be well on your way to a successful implementation of our virtual reality platform.

Implementation Guide: Empowering You to Successfully Integrate CatapalloVR's Virtual Reality Program

Our Implementation Guide serves as your comprehensive roadmap to seamlessly integrate CatapalloVR’s virtual reality program into your educational or therapeutic setting. With a focus on providing a smooth and successful implementation process, this guide is designed to support educators, therapists, and administrators every step of the way.

Key Components:

  • Guiding Philosophy: At CatapalloVR, our guiding philosophy centers on fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment, promoting skill development, and empowering participants to achieve their fullest potential. Our Implementation Guide elucidates these core principles to ensure a unified approach to the program's deployment.
  • Preparation: A successful implementation begins with meticulous preparation. The guide offers a detailed system check to ensure all hardware and software requirements are met. Additionally, we provide comprehensive staff development and training plans to empower your team with the expertise needed to navigate the virtual reality platform confidently.
  • Six-Week Program Overview: This section of the guide presents an insightful overview of our structured six-week program. Each week targets specific skills and learning objectives, building upon the previous week's achievements. From emotional awareness to mastering social interactions, our program caters to diverse developmental needs.
  • Troubleshooting and FAQs: We understand that challenges may arise during implementation. Our Implementation Guide equips you with troubleshooting tips and strategies to swiftly address any issues that may surface. Moreover, an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section provides timely answers to common queries, ensuring a smooth experience for all stakeholders.

Module Companion: Your Comprehensive Guide to CatapalloVR Modules

Our Module Companion is a digital PDF designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the modules available in CatapalloVR’s virtual reality platform. This invaluable resource includes detailed descriptions of each module, their corresponding difficulty levels, and the intended age group for participants. Whether you are an educator, therapist, or individual seeking to enhance various skills, this guide offers a wealth of information to tailor your virtual reality experience.

Key Features:

  • Module Descriptions: Delve into the specifics of each module, gaining insights into the targeted skills, learning objectives, and potential real-world applications. From emotion awareness to mastering conversations on dates, our diverse range of modules caters to various developmental needs and interests.
  • Difficulty Levels: We understand that each participant has unique abilities and requirements. Our Module Companion clearly outlines the difficulty level for each module, ensuring an optimal match to individual learning goals and preferences.
  • Intended Age Group: Whether you are working with children, adolescents, or adults, our modules cater to different age groups to ensure appropriateness and relevance in your practice.
  • Evidence-Based Interventions: Gain an in-depth understanding of the evidence-based interventions implemented within each module. With the backing of scientific research and clinical expertise, our modules are designed to yield positive and meaningful outcomes for every participant.
  • End-User Prompts and Choices: The Module Companion includes a comprehensive table detailing all the prompts and potential choices available to end-users during their virtual reality experience. This empowers educators and therapists to customize the module to suit individual preferences and maximize engagement. Unlock the full potential of our VR platform with the Implementation Guide & Module Companion, to discover a world of possibilities for enhancing skills, building confidence, and achieving positive outcomes in various domains of life.