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Explore our virtual reality platform that revolutionizes the way we help neurodiverse individuals. With a comprehensive library of evidence-based learning modules, customize your participants’ experience and unlock their true potential.

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Teach Real-World Skills without the Real-World Consequences

The diffculty levels are set in scaling order and are rated based on the critical thinking skills necessary to complete a module:

Beginner Basics


Specific Skills




FAQ: What level of language is required to use your modules?

Modules are built for individuals who have receptive language skills. With a virtual instructor providing verbal prompts and visual answer choices as options, a wide range of individuals can confidently use our modules. Try out a module below so you can see what to expect for your participant.

Using ``I`` Statements
In the Using “I” Statements module, participants will learn how to appropriately communicate absent of blaming language. Click the button to start the module for a free demonstration!

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Communication & Social Skills

Occupational Skills

Ready to Live

Emotion Regulation



Distraction Scenarios

Find the Sound

Point and Click

Seek and Find

Reality Scapes


Escape Rooms

Emotional Roller Coaster

My First 200 Words

Slide into School

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